About Khayri

An Introduction…

The business began in 1986, trading under the name of RN Greek Speciality renowned for quality, value and reliability. The company has grown from a few passionate family members, providing the freshest Mediterranean produce to a handful of markets around London, to a hugely successful wholesale and retail business.

We started out selling a variety of foods from the Mediterranean in local food markets and soon found that customers would order a huge amount. We would leave the market with nothing left, since then, we have branched out and now have many warehouses across the country. Now based in Wembley UK, the company continues to grow along with its vision.

We are a family-owned business committed to providing only the finest Mediterranean foods and superior customer service. We continue to provide our customers with our products on market stalls around the UK and feel that this is where we can interact with our consumers.

With excellent product and customer service our company thrives on customer satisfaction, which is core to our business, this is shown by the level of regular buyers who continue to use our company as a main source from customers both at home and abroad.

We specialise in olives and so we search for the best olives from the finest groves in the Middle East. With a passion for fresh, quality Mediterranean food you’ll find the olive is at the heart of our business.